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The Pro-Patterns strategy is designed to trade the classic chart patterns. It identifies the Ascending Triangle pattern and Weekly Inside Bars pattern and takes trades accordingly. Subscribers are joined to a Telegram channel which sends the list of all stocks forming these patterns.

1. Ascending Triangle patterns

Ascending triangles are bullish chart patterns that indicate accumulation. This pattern has two elements – a horizontal line and a rising trend line moving upwards. The horizontal line acts as the resistance which shows that the market has tried to break it multiple times, but it couldn’t. More the number of attempts, the higher the probability of profitable trading results on the breakout. The second element - the rising trend line - indicates higher lows which means that the sellers are not letting their position go at lower prices. 

More can be read on the Investopedia website here.

Ascening Triangle pattern

How Ascending Triangle patterns are traded with Pro-Patterns strategy:

  • The strategy identifies ascending triangle patterns ranging from 40 to 120 days.

  • BUY signals are generated on the breakout of the flat horizontal line. No SHORT signal is generated on the breakdown of the rising trend line.

  • The importance is given to higher lows instead of attempting to make a perfectly straight rising trend line.

2. Weekly Inside Bars

An inside bar is formed when price trades within the high and low range of the previous candle, making the current candle an inside bar. Therefore, the inside bar is a two candlesticks price pattern. Inside bars often form following a strong move in a market, as it ‘pauses’ to consolidate before making its next move. However, they can act as reversal signals also.

In Pro-Patterns strategy, we trade three-candlesticks weekly inside bars. This means, that Weekly Inside Bars pattern is said to be formed when the current week's candle (candle C) is inside the previous week (candle B) and the previous week's candle (candle B) is inside the week prior to it (candle A) (see attached pic). This is further characterized by lower volumes on candles B and C.

Weekly Inside Bars.png

How Weekly Inside Bars patterns are traded with Pro-Patterns strategy:

  • The strategy identifies inside bars on weekly charts with three candles.

  • A BUY or SHORT signal is generated next week on breakout or breakdown of high or low of candle C respectively.

  • The importance is given to a decrease in volume on candles B and C.

Have a look at some screenshots below

How it works

Step 1 - Identifying the patterns

The strategy identifies patterns in making and shows them on the chart. The Weekly Inside Bars patterns are shown on the weekly timeframe while Ascending Triangle patterns are shown on the daily timeframe. 

Subscribers are joined to a Telegram channel which sends the list of all stocks forming the patterns traded through this script. The system then guides you on the price level at which to enter the trade. 

Step 2 - Generation of Trade signals

The Ascending Triangle pattern strategy gives BUY signals once the price breakout and closes above the horizontal resistance line. The Weekly Inside Bars strategy gives BUY / SHORT signal on breakout of the third week's high/low. 

Step 3 - Exiting the Trade

The strategy will show an Exit signal if any of the below-mentioned events happens first:

  • If Stop Loss is hit; or

  • If user-defined exit rule based on the following is met:

    • Breakdown of lowest low of user-input days; or

    • Price closes below the user-input Average True Range.

The strategy guides the price at which to exit, once the BUY signal is generated.

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