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Swing and Positional Trading

  • TradingView Script for charts

  • Dashboard for screening

Pro-Setups for Swing Trading

Pro-Setups is meant for Swing and Positional TradingIt is a combination of a script on TradingView, and a screener Dashboard on web. Whatever you scan on Dashboard, you can see the same on your charts on TradingView.

Pro-Setups provides you with clear knowledge of the underlying trend, along with identification of high-probability profitable setups, which you further combine with price action to take a trade.


Pro-Setups script

Pro-Setups script with Vol
Inspired by Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA)
  • Identify compression based on GMMA and ride the expansion for your perfect swing!

  • Trade in the direction of the trend with Weekly & Daily timeframe trend bars

Key features
  • Take benefit of fresh institutional footprints using Fresh Institutional Volume (IV)

  • ​Gauge Relative Strength using RS line and its breakout. Choose any market index or sectoral index to check RS.

  • Plots Rising/Declining 50EMA, TTM squeeze, Inside Bars, Mini Coil, Double Weekly Inside Bars to assist in your profitable trading.

  • Commentary Box that gives key information about the price & volume.

Includes complementary Volume script & Financials on Charts script
  • Identify & set alerts for Pocket Pivot volume bars and their count.

  • Low volume zones, Up/Down Volume ratio

  • Annual & Quarterly financials along with valuation insight.

  • Also prints Average True Range, Bollinger Band Gap, RSI and MACD

Pro-Setups Dashboard

Your Go-to Scanner to find next Best Setup!
  • Scan for notable setups such as Bull flags, Bear flags, Volatility Contraction Patterns (VCP), 3WTC, Powerplays, etc.

  • Adjust results based on key filters such as Rising 50EMA, High Fundamental score, Easy Earnings Comps, TTM squeeze, Earnings Acceleration, etc.

Market Breadth & Sector Rotation
  • Gauge Market Breadth to plan your overall market exposure.

  • Identify Sector Rotation using sectoral performance on multiple timeframes.

Fundamental Scorecard
  • Quick health check of a Company based on fundamental parameters.

  • Use filters to scan for companies with overall high scores and also within a sector.

Relative Strength & Insider Trading
  • Quick health check of a Company based on fundamental parameters.

  • Use filters to scan for companies with overall high scores and also within a sector.

Glass Buildings


Hear It From The People For Yourself.

Rishab Sood

Rishabh Sood,
Chartered Accountant
Asst. Director - KPMG

I have been a Pro-Setups user for a while now and I must say that the combination of Script and Dashboard has helped me immensely in my investing. Even though I am a long-term investor, the use of trend bars colors & the clouds on the script and earnings filters on the Dashboard have made it easier for me to manage my portfolio of fundamentally good companies using technical analysis too.

Srinivas Eluri.jpeg

Srinivas Eluri

ex-IT Professional, now a full-time trader

Being a full-time trader, Pro-setups Dashboard and the Tradingview indicators have become a part of my daily analysis. Tradingview indicators, Pro-setups and Volume , help to reduce the manual scan time to a few seconds for each chart and rush to the next one. Dashboard and indicators are a boon to any positional/swing traders who do their daily analysis diligently. 



Save 20%

Rs. 10,560

(Rs. 880/month)



Rs. 6,600

(Rs. 1,100/month)

  • What are Pro-Setups scripts and the Dashboard?
    Pro-Setups is a bundle of 3 indicators on TradingView: Pro-Setups, Volume and Financials on Charts. You are given access to these scripts when you subscribe. Dashboard is a webpage, made on Google Looker Studio, which you use for scanning purpose. Dashboard is updated everyday after market hours.
  • Can I get a FREE Trial?
    There are NO Trials. However, you can access the free version of the Pro-Setups Dashboard here:
  • Can we subscribe either of Dashboard or Script?
    No. The Pro-Setups Dashboard and Scripts come as a bundle.
  • Will we get BUY and SELL signals on our charts?
    No, you will not get trade signals on your charts.
  • Is it algorithmic trading?
    No, it is not algorithmic or systematic trading. It is discretionary trading, where you select stocks based on your filters using the Dashboard and analyze them further on the Pro-Setups script.
  • Are we given BUY & SELL calls?
    No, there are no BUY or SELL calls provided to anyone.
  • Can I do intraday trading in Futures and Options using Pro-Setups?
    No, the Pro-Setups script is not designed for intraday trading. It is only for swing or positional trading which entails holding a stock for days/weeks/months.
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