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Hi! I am Puneet Arora, a Chartered Accountant and a SEBI registered Research Analyst.

I am a Swing/Positional Trader and I like it when my charts talk to me. Trading is an art, and shall always remain so. However, we can define certain profitable setups using mathematical calculations and show them on charts. That's what I do with the indicators mentioned on this site.

You may read the Investor Charter, statutorily required to be maintained by me.

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Pro-Setups is my flagship indicator, which I use for Swing Trading.

It is provided in the form of a Script on TradingView, along with an easy-to-use DashboardIt provides us high-probability profitable setups, plus the knowledge of the underlying trend, which we further combine with price action to take a trade.

Subscribers are also joined to a Telegram channel, where stocks are discussed.



Want your own strategy coded?

I can code YOUR strategy on Pinescript as an indicator for use on TradingView.

You get Realtime, Instant Alerts via Telegram, Email & Desktop notifications through a Bot whenever your strategy's scanner, entry and exit conditions are met.

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TradingView custom pinescript
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