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Volume Indicator

The Volume script replaces the typical volume bar chart at the bottom. 

In addition to the Volume bars, the script contains the Average True Range line, Bollinger Band Gap line, RSI, MACD, and Vortex

The blue bars volumes are volumes based on Pocket Pivot signals. Pocket Pivots are explained in the books ‘How to Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple’ and ‘In the Trading Cockpit with the O’Neil Disciples’, written by Gil Morales and Chris Kacher. Pocket Pivot signals are designed to give a head-start to an investor before a major breakout happens. Entry before the breakout will give you a head start as well as make sure you are not buying an extended breakout. It also shows the areas of low or dried-up volume days.

You can also set alerts for any pocket pivot signals for any company you wish to.

The Script comes with FREE with the Pro-Setups script or it can be subscribed to separately.


Half-Yearly: Rs. 2,000 or USD 34

Yearly: Rs. 3,000 or USD 51 (25% Discount)

Indian customers

Customers outside India

Get this Indicator FREE with

Pro-Setups Script

Important Note

The above indicator can only be seen if you have an account on TradingView. Having an account on TradingView is FREE. 


Click here to go to TradingView website (

Note: I also have a script on TradingView by the name Pro-Patterns, which is designed to trade Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars. That script has now been discontinued since its features have been added to the Pro-Setups script.

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